Ayer Muleh Series

The Ayer Muleh is easily one of Brunei’s most recognisable patterns and to the designer of the collection, the geometrical precision inherent in the Ayer Muleh brings a sense of harmony. In this series, the designer has integrated within the Ayer Muleh’s quintessential chain-link patterns, motifs symbolizing the different flora and fauna indigenous to Brunei. Study the patterns closely and one can spot the Bunga Simpur (Dillenia), Bunga Orkid, Bunga Siantan (Ixora), and the Bunga Kunyit (Tumeric) peeping out from among the linear repetitive patterns of the Ayer Muleh. When put together, the artistic form of the Ayer Muleh and meditative interpretations present a final result that is elegant, decorous and distinctly Bruneian.