Petite Toile

Royal Insignia X Kateryna Savchenko
Making of
Since the 18th century, Chinoiserie wallpaper, with its delicate hand-painted blooms and lustrous colours, have long enticed aesthetes. Inspired by the beauty of these canvases, ROYAL INSIGNIA’s Petit Toile collection captures the luxury of this artistic movement in our collection of photo frames. Working exclusively with Norwegian artist, Kateryna Savchenko, each frame is hand painted with a myriad of flowers. Trained in architecture, Savchenko’s finesse as a watercolorist is evident in the masterful blending of colours present in all her painting. Her passion as an artist sets the spirit for this collaboration with ROYAL INSIGNIA.
The collection features a stunning colour palette; pale white dahlias sit atop rich teal lacquered frames, and pops of yellow kerria on warm taupe. As a nod to the opulence that characterised that era, flowers carved out of semi-precious stones decorate each frame. Using techniques from the jeweller's bench, each flower is set with a jeweller's touch onto the hand painted surface, and paired with delicate leaves gilded in 22K gold and silver.