Misai Kuching Photo Frame
Misai Kuching Photo Frame

Misai Kuching Photo Frame

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The Misai Kuching is a flower that is commonly found in Brunei. Known for more than its fine looks, it is commonly used as a folk remedy as it is known to possess diuretic qualities Presented against a deep teal background, the Misai Kuching’s pastel hues of white and purple stand out in an elegant fashion. The gold motif, which is based on the traditional songket pattern,offers a geometrical contrast against the soft curves of the  ower petals and leaves. The photo frame is further adorned with red garnets and rose quartz.

Material: Misai Kuching Leather Photo Frame Red Garnets, Rose Quartz, Gold Gilded Motifs

Available in 1 size:
Medium - 5 x 7”
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