Rancah Rancah Photo Frame
Rancah Rancah Photo Frame

Rancah Rancah Photo Frame

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The Rancah Rancah, also known as the Ulam Raja or the King’s Salad, is a local delicacy often savoured with a shrimp and chilli dip. The three alternating shades of red, pink and rose are a creative play on the pale pink flowers of the Rancah Rancah as they occur naturally. The bronze rendition of the pistil adds a touch of contrast and is accentuated by the gold songket pattern that decorates the photo frame. Red garnet stones studded along the gold songket pattern accentuate heavily the deep, rich hues of the Rancah Rancah.

Material: Rancah Rancah Photo Frame, Red Garnets, Gold Gilded Motifs

Available in 1 size:
Medium - 5 x 7”
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